UNMOGIP briefs military attaches

27 Feb 2019

UNMOGIP briefs military attaches

On 15 February 2019, UNMOGIP held a briefing session to the military attachés of several countries accredited to Pakistan. The briefing was carried out by the Head of Mission and Chief Military Observer Major General José Eladio Alcaín.

The briefing was intended to develop greater awareness among the defense attachés community in Islamabad on how UNMOGIP is serving its peacekeeping efforts in the region. The briefing covered UNMOGIP’s mandated activities which include observing the military situation along the Line of Control (LOC), investigate alleged ceasefire violation complaints, and to report to the United Nations Secretary General (UNSG).

The briefing was attended by the military attaches of South Korea, Bulgaria, Australia, Bangladesh, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Nepal, Russia, France, Switzerland, Armenia, Italy, Canada, Iran, Kazakhstan, Libya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Romania, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Major General Alcaín briefed military attachés on the various mandated tasks of the Mission including investigations, observation posts, area reconnaissance, field trips. The briefing also touched on UNMOGIP’s structure and its personnel which consists of 44 United Nations Military Observer (UNMOs) and 75 Civilian Staff Members and that the Mission has two Headquarters, in Islamabad during the winter season (November to April) and in Srinagar during the Summer Season (May- October). The Field stations are located on both sides of the line of Control, with 7 Field Stations on the Pakistani side in Gilgit, Skardu, Domel, Rawalakot, Kotli, Sialkot and Bhimber and 3 on the Indian side in Jammu, Rajouri and Poonch making a total of 10 operational Field offices plus two headquarters (Main & Rear). The Mission also has a liaison office in New Delhi.  The 44 United Nations Military Observers come from 10 Troop Contributing Countries namely, Chile, Croatia, Italy, Philippines, Uruguay, Romania, Sweden, South Korea, Switzerland and Thailand. 

The Military Attachés were told that UNMOGIP is a subsidiary organ of the Security Council.  The Command of UNMOGIP is vested in the UN Secretary-General, who has sub-delegated overall responsibility for the operation of UNMOGIP to the United Nations Under Secretary General of Peace Operations. Major General Alcaín was supported during the briefing by a representative from Mission Support component, the Deputy Chief Military Observer and the Chief Security Officer.  

At the end of the briefing, Major General Alcaín presented each military attaché with an UNMOGIP plaque in recognition of their visit.

UNMOGIP planning to organize the same conference in India soon.