UNMOGIP Cleanup Drive at Margalla Hills

27 Feb 2019

UNMOGIP Cleanup Drive at Margalla Hills

Chief Mission Support Office

Environmental Sustainability helps prevent global warming and climate change. A lot more can be said but one example of environmental sustainability is simply through cleaning. Cleanliness in the environment contributes a lot in maintaining a clean and green surrounding.  Cleaning is a simple but helpful way of improving a healthy environment.

On 9 February, 2019, UNMOGIP had a cleanup drive and trekking at Margalla hills Trail no 3, Islamabad. The activity was headed by the Head of Mission and Chief Military Observer Major General José Eladio Alcaín. The purpose of the activity was to raise awareness on keeping public places clean, healthy and environmentally friendly. The clean-up exercise was a part of the many activities UNMOGIP plans to carry out this year to mark 70 years of its existence.

Environment Cleanup:


The clean-up drive began from the car parking and the green belt of Margalla. The drive went along the whole trekking trail up to the top of Margalla hill. A remarkable amount of trash that includes rappers, empty mineral water bottles, plastic 
bags, tins, used cans and fruit husks were collected. It was a source of motivation for all the visitors and the other trekkers who witnessed what the team was doing.

Breaking up the Monotony:

The exercise also gave the participants an excellent opportunity for the Military and Civilians to interact with each other and build a team spirit in line with UNMOGIP motto of “We go together” and refresh their relationship. The exercise had fun in it especially the game played with the theme of clean environment in our neighborhood.

Trekking the Margallas:

Before the start of the trekking exercise, the Medic, Lt. Col Antonija Nenadic MD briefed all participants about safety precaution and on what the participants may or may not do during the trekking as trail No. 3 of Margalla Trek is considered the most difficult trek among others.  The Doctor advised participants who may have difficulties during the trekking to immediately contact her on her cellphone.  The trekking is generally easy at the beginning but with the passage of time it becomes steep and perpendicular that is why it is the most difficult trek of the Margalla hills. The participants kept cleaning while climbing the hill, an act that was very much appreciated by the local community.

The exercise overall created a positive image among the local community who appreciated the exercise of the environmental cleaning efforts by UNMOGIP.  The Local Community were heard commenting that it was a good lesson for them to keep their environment clean.